Qingchen has the illusion that she is talking to an adult. Chenli is too mature and calm.
When many children can blurt out what they want to do when they grow up, Chenli says that she doesn’t know that she has no definite goal, which makes Qingchen think that this child in Chenli will really achieve great things.
"It’s good to decide what to do later." Qingchen tucked Chenli in and asked him with a smile. "Do you need me to give you a good night kiss?"
Chenli grinned heartily and pointed to his forehead not to talk.
Qingchen leaned over and printed a soft kiss "good night" on his forehead
"Good night, Cousin. Remember to say good night to Cousin."
Section 16
In this instant morning, I suddenly felt that it would be great if I had a child. It was heartbreaking to see him so cute.
After turning off the lamp and leaving Chenchi, Qingchen went back and found that Chenchi had finished speaking. He was somewhat cold on the balcony with his back to Qingchen.
"Why is it here?" Qingchen walked over and gently put his arm around Chenchi waist from behind and put his face on his back.
Chenchi wore a thin sweater in the house, so she could feel his warm and cool body temperature in the early morning.
"Qingchen" is somewhat hoarse in the mouth line of Chenchi.
"I found out the reason," Chen Chi said slowly, and there was a little shallow loss in his tone.
Qing Chen keenly felt what put Chen Chi in front of him.
Chenchi’s expression doesn’t seem to change, as always, but his eyes are covered with imperceptible nai
"What happened?"
Chenchi closed her eyes and said, "In new york, the investigators sent me a report. My cousin went to the hospital for an examination a week ago. They found my cousin to do the inspection report."
Qing Chen suddenly had a bad feeling and couldn’t help lowering his voice, "What did cousin find out?"
"It’s breast cancer," Chen Chi sighed, "but the situation is not the most serious and can be operated."
Qing Chen opened her eyes wide, but she didn’t expect this result.
It seems that the previous doubts suddenly explained at this moment why Chenlei would be forced to divorce oni and come back with Chenli and didn’t want oni to find her.
I want Chen Lei to come back, too. The medical technology in China can already solve this disease here. At least there is Chen Jia’s backing in China. Even after divorcing oni, Chen Lei doesn’t have to worry about surgery.
Yu Chenlei wants to divorce oni. A woman, Qingchen, instantly understood Chen Lei’s thoughts.
We can see how much Chen Lei likes oni by associating it with the fact that Chen Lei has gone through oni and has been constantly fighting with her family.
She regards love as extremely important. oni is the most important thing in life for Chen Lei, surpassing everything.
Because of this, Chen Lei, a lover, has a strong personality and is not allowed to have defects. She does not want to be imperfect in front of oni.
Even if she is divorced, she should make herself the most beautiful image in oni’s mind instead of mutilating her after having an operation to remove her breast.
This is really a struggle for women.
"Does oni know?"
"I told him." Chenchi held Qingchen in her arms and touched her hair in a low voice. "Cousin can’t bear such an accident alone. She should be accompanied by someone."
Chen Lei wants a person to accept such pain without thinking that she chooses divorce, which is also a kind of harm to oni and Chenli.
Sometimes life just can’t have it both ways, but anyway, it’s good news that Chenlei’s disease is not the most serious. It’s enough to cure people and be good.
"That’s good. I can understand my cousin’s thoughts, but I don’t think oni will care." Qingchen looked at Chenchi and asked him, "What do you think?"