The warmth finally comes out of the words …
"You like him?" Otherwise, why do you know so well, so melancholy and so sad?
The man seemed to be digesting her meaning for a half-ring, then his face changed color sharply and his hands trembled. Finally, he lamented with a sad face, "Sure enough, a family doesn’t enter a house."
Men and women are coming out, hee hee.
☆, Chapter 44 Autocracy you dissatisfied housewife
"Sure enough, it’s not that a family doesn’t enter a house!"
That’s too cruel. It’s absolutely powerful. Should he do it or not? Poof, will he like sacredness? Even if he is crazy, he will not be distracted by the sacredness!
Who’s that? That can kill him alive!
Warmly looked at him with a look of despair and collapse, and said faintly, "We are not a family."
The man has the strength to sigh "is there a difference? I have been hit like this. Do you still care about me one day earlier and one day later? "
Anyway, it’s a family sooner or later!
The warmth didn’t explain again. I casually walked to the window and sat next to the chair. There was a shelf with piles of bound paper on it. Each pile was thick and yellowed, but it was neatly protected.
She randomly took out a look at the records of each patient’s visit, and filled in the details of the name, age, address, symptoms and drugs, and gave advice on prevention and treatment at the end.
She leisurely browsed the prescription and paid more attention to it. Because my cousin studied medicine and often recited the prescription, when they read it together, she also listened to it. It was hard for her to remember it and forget it. At this moment, she found some differences by comparison.
Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and signs. Even if the drugs are different or even the dosage is increased or decreased, it will produce completely different results.
Chinese medicine is profound and profound, and it is not enough to recite those prescriptions.
She remembered that grandma and grandma married the Wen family from the Xiao family, but the most generous dowry was not a car full of gold, silver and jewels, but a secret recipe for cancer treatment. This secret recipe is different from a life-saving medicine in that the whole world is helpless about cancer, and it can also make the Wen family’s big house enjoy wealth forever.
However, the secret recipe is not to cure cancer from the root, but to prolong the life span of patients. Rao is still so popular that many people think about it and try their best to get it.
With this secret recipe, Wen Jia’s big house has stood firm in Huadu for decades, but grandma once worried and warned her that this is not a long-term solution. Medicine is improving, but she is old and has no ability to perfect the secret recipe, and the weakness of the secret recipe is gradually exposed. It has a remarkable effect on one kind of cancer, but it is an ability for other parts of cancer
This is that there is no dialectical consequence.
Everyone has a pair of soup and medicine. If you think about it, you know that it is not a magic medicine after all. It is impossible to cure all diseases!
It is impossible to give the secret recipe to others to study, but I didn’t let go of my cousin and grandmother until she knew that grandma would think of it for her. Her heart sank and she looked at the lines of fresh and meaningful small letters thoughtfully.
"Are you interested in these?" The man didn’t want to be left out in the cold and looked at her for a while. He suddenly asked, Is it that tone that is so hard to understand that someone will stare at something so boring?
Why does he feel pain?
Warm, I remembered that there was someone next to me. She closed her eyes and didn’t answer the rhetorical question, "Who are you?"
The man choked and twisted his face for a while before he calmed down and put on a charming gesture and laughed. "We’ve met before. Isn’t the beauty impressed at all?"
Warmly shake your head
The man felt like spitting blood samples again, but he gritted his teeth and woke up. "Yesterday, when you went back with Sanzang and Magic, I gave you a distant look."
You gave me a look, but I didn’t.
The man couldn’t believe it and asked, "Didn’t you notice that I was so well-prepared and charming?"
Warm eyebrows have no sincerity to say "sorry"
The man probably thinks that if he cares about it again, he will tell himself that he has stopped abusing himself in the past. "I am Ji Jinyu."
Warm and casual, "Oh, do you have a brother named Ji Liangyuan?"
Ji Jinyu’s eyes widened in surprise. "How do you know?"
He hasn’t introduced him yet. He wants to pull out his brother’s name to show that his name is not the worst. Who knows …
Warm "…" Really? She’s just a casual guess, you know?
"Did my aunt tell you?"
"Your mother-in-law is my aunt."
"So you and Divine are cousins?"
"Don’t wake me up to such a painful truth, okay?"
Warmly looking at him, it’s better to die than to face unkind smile. Although there are not many people who get along with the holy, they also know that the goods like to flirt with their brothers. Seeing him like this is probably the shadow of being molested before.
When Ji Jinyu saw that she was still holding the stack of paper, she said, "Do you really like to watch such a chat?"
Warm and casual way: "Idle is idle. Just flip through whether you like it or not."
Ji Jinyu sighed, "I won’t even think about going to see this when I talk again."
Warm asked him, "Do you know medical skills?"
Ji Jinyu painfully nodded "Know a little"
"So you’re here, too?"
"Sort of."
"Well, it’s a long story. It was a terrible past. yiguang has a sacred town. It didn’t matter to me, but suddenly one day my father dragged me here. He forced me to learn medicine from the sacred. God, who is the sacred? That’s a genius. You can tell a freak of medicinal materials when you’re born, but I don’t know anything. I’ve only known herbs for half a year. Now sometimes I can’t tell them apart … "Ji Jinyu complained plaintively.
"Very hard, isn’t it?" Warm eyes light micro along his words ask again
Like knowing the pouring gate, Ji Jinyu excitedly said, "It’s not just hard work, it’s just hot water. Do you know how sacred teaches me about herbs? He forced me to taste it and said that it was the fastest way to learn. I was impressed, but I was dying every day. All kinds of symptoms were alternately circulated and played. That day was simply a history of blood and tears and acupuncture. God, I stabbed myself and poked myself into a hornet’s nest. Luckily, my bones were strange or I wouldn’t live … "
Warm sympathy listening to the last sigh of relief, "well, everyone suffers from hardships!" All your efforts and sacrifices are worth becoming a generation of doctors! "
"Poof …" Ji Jinyu looked horrified. "Don’t curse me, okay?"
"I don’t want to be a happy doctor at all. Besides, there is sacredness that can’t surpass him in my life. Who is he? He’s not a person anymore, okay … "Ji Jinyu is like squeezing hard to catch the opportunity and he’s crazy about it, unaware that someone is coming.
"Cousin Jinyu is praising me again?" The sacred ourtenant stared at Ji Jinyu with a virtuous look.