Chi Mie expressed his understanding, but it was not a simple matter for them to go in a place as big as Lingyou Hall to find Wu Xiangxiang.
"If there is nothing wrong, not only Wu Xiangniang went in, but even Yunbi went in."
These are all said by officers and men.
I don’t know if they are still there.
The only way to know is to go in and make a break.
But finding two people is not an easy task.
"Have you been inside?" Chi Miwen
Otherwise, how could Yunzui know so clearly?
Yunzui couldn’t help but smile and say, "Actually, I’ve been there once and it was taken away."
What’s wrong with Chi’s eyes?
Chi Mie was very confused in his mind, but Yunzui didn’t want to say anything. He planned to take the baggage and take the journey immediately. "It’s not important to hurry to find Wu Xiangxiang and Yunbi. Even if you can’t get them, it’s a harvest to be sure that they are here."
Chi Mie can’t help shaking his head. Yun Zui is just too idle to come. I have to do something at once and I won’t relax until I finish it.
"The king with you David and Jonathan you want to thank the king? Repay the king? " Chi Mi, of course, thinks it’s taking advantage of Yunzui.
Is it so easy to get drunk that people will take advantage of it?
I’m too lazy to take a reason, but go straight ahead.
Chi Mie sighed and said that he was not interested. Is it because Yunzui doesn’t understand interest?
If it weren’t for his drunkenness, all the actions of Youtang might be hindered, right?
But I can’t help it. Who calls her his girlfriend, not his wife?
If it’s a wife, there’s no need to work hard.
7 Chapter 7 Resentment for a long time (1)
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Chi Mie has resigned himself to being too bad karma. Keep working hard.
Yun Zui and Chi Mie arrived at a place some distance away from Lingyou Hall. After that, Yun Zui stopped Chi Mie and said, "There are Chi Xuanren guarding near Lingyou Hall."
Chi Mi’s footsteps can’t help but be scolded. If he goes out like this, the Chixuan people will surely see him enter the Lingyou Hall with Yunzui, right?
"It seems that this waist tag can be saved." Chi Miyou said 1.
Wen Yanyun was slightly stunned and immediately asked uncertainly, "You mean you are going to take me in quietly?"
Otherwise, what else can we do without a waist tag?
Chi Mie’s flirting with the clouds is obvious, but that’s what you know.
"What do you have this matter to accept my waist tag? Now that you can go in, take me there. "Yunzui said that he would take the waist tag from Chi Mi, but Chi Mi stopped him." I have four waist tags left. According to the truth, you should give me those two. "
Chi Mie’s words can’t help but make Yunzui feel very reasonable after being surprised.
Why didn’t she think that she could say such absurd things?
Sure enough, the fallacy is not only that she is drunk, but also that she knows how to tell the story.
Two people together can say The Avengers, which can also be said to be an absurd alliance
Yunzui couldn’t help but smile and then said, "Forget it. Ask if you want to take two pieces."
Yunzui intends to take a step back and broaden the horizon.
Chi Mie immediately felt that Yunzui was sometimes cute.
But Yunzui has to pretend to be indifferent and act like a grown-up.
"You should smile sometimes, and you shouldn’t keep a long face all day." Chi Mi said slowly behind Yunzui.
Wen Yan Yunzui turned to Chi Mie and said, "Come on, don’t just say that I will be great if I win. Whether I laugh or not is my own business. I want to watch me laugh often unless I see you smile."
If Chi Nie Yi remains indifferent, she will never change.
I can’t help but feel my nose. This cloud drunk is like this bargaining.
Yunzui turned to Chi Mi and thought about it or said, "In fact, you may not know if I look very young now?"
I didn’t expect Yunzui to say that. What a surprise.
Seeing Yunzui, he went on to say, "If it is modern, it should be a little girl to shape me, and if it is modern, it will shape you …"
Yunzui is thinking about whether to speak ill of Chimie. Or is it playing a trick on him?
Sure enough, Chi Mi is very interested in modern other-shaped words.
"What is it?" Chi Mie’s first performance is so expected.
Yun was drunk and laughed, but he still didn’t hit Chi Mie, so he rewarded two words: "One is Gao Fushuai and the other is a rich man."
Wen Yanchi couldn’t help wondering about the rich man behind him. !
Jingui’s son-in-law !