Tan Wu quietly looked at alpha but didn’t open his mouth, but raised his right hand and silently put the man on his coat to his chest.
"Shall I feed you?"
Zheng Feng was angry with each other, and just now he "roared" himself. Although he really felt that their development was too strange, he still couldn’t restrain his heart and almost explained it to people.
"I really didn’t mean anything just now. Do you mean it’s a little, a little, a little scared you?"
Tan Wu nodded his head and his eyes fell on the glass in alpha’s hand "thirsty"
"ah? Oh, oh, I feed you, I feed you. "
The escort stool is a little short. Zheng Feng got up and bent over to send the cup to Tan Wu’s mouth.
Tan Wu sipped his cup along the edge, drank it for a while and then glanced at it.
Zheng Feng missed a beat by Tan Wu’s heart and remembered the sentence translated from the dictionary recording just now-
"No, I’ve been waiting for him for six years, and it’s hard to see you. It’s really hard not to understand six years."
The other person seems to have finished drinking the water in the cup, and there is no movement. The person’s eyes are foggy. Maybe he was really sad just now, and now there are tears in his eyes.
Zheng Feng looked at the depths of his heart, and the strangeness became more and more serious. He wanted to remove the cup and mouth, but he went straight over his head and asked, "Don’t drink?"
Ega gave a gentle "hmm" mouth and moved away from the rim of the disposable permeable cup.
Maybe it’s a good drip, and ega’s lips are now bloody. It looks so soft, pink and tender, just like petals.
Zheng Feng felt that his reaction was really abnormal and hurriedly moved the glass back to the bedside table.
Look at the eye drops and half a bottle.
Zheng Feng sat down.
Get ready to let people lie down and have a good sleep, and then go out and have a talk with their boss by themselves.
I want to ask immediately if there is any dispute between myself and ega.
Zheng Feng felt that he understood-although he was really in this line of work, everything went out in pairs, such as sending Bai Jing and Fu Ziteng to PA for execution.
It’s just that I went to PA and didn’t go abroad, so the boss was so uneasy. This time, it’s really unreasonable to feel so relieved that he was sent out "single-handedly" because he had never been abroad in a memory.
As Xu Wei always said, if something goes wrong, there must be a demon. There must be something fishy here.
But others obviously didn’t give him this opportunity-
Tan Wuyin gently sounded pitiful and wronged, "I am so cold, brother Afeng."
Brother feng?
The ega sound almost coincides with the sound of the child in the dream of the plane.
Yeah, maybe it doesn’t sound so "hey" when I grow up.
Another sentence translated from the dictionary popped into Zheng Feng’s mind-
"No, you didn’t. He was very kind to me before. We grew up together."
Zheng Feng felt that she was mostly jet lag syndrome, otherwise how could she feel as if she were in that dream now?
It’s so confusing. The reality has become particularly weird since the plane started.
"Is it cold?"
However, although it feels like a nightmare and a dream than what I just experienced in front of chaos, Zheng Fengxin still seems to be bitten by a snake when he looks at ega’s misty eyes.
Snakes in the Garden of Eden tempted Eve to eat apples.
This Zheng Feng felt as if he had lost his soul because of ega in front of him.
Tan Wu nodded to the tall and evil handsome alpha in front of him and bit his lips gently. The eyebrows slightly puckered up and looked more helpful and pitiful. "Well, it’s very cold …"
"I’ll ask the doctor if there are any quilts."
Zheng Feng almost heard his heart plop and got up immediately.
However, it was quickly taken by ega.
"Don’t go …"
Tan Wu’s fingers are cool, but his palms are warm. Zheng Feng’s eyes are dark and he knows that the other party lied to him.
But perhaps it was because I was late in my heart that I felt "rebellious" in generate. After discovering that I really seemed to have some inexplicable feelings with ega, Zheng Feng had doubts about Yan Shuhan’s practice after all.
But he looks too much like the leader of the viper. Who was it?
Or is it true that he was Tan Wu?
But if the former boss chose to send him here, how do you explain the dream he had on the plane?
That dream-extremely beautiful seascape in the evening. Those who can’t see their faces clearly speak Spanish. How do you explain the child’s sweet Chinese voice calling "Brother Afeng"?
Do you want to tell him that FDM has now developed the technology of "making dreams" and "knowing the Oracle"?