"….. even die in your bed" sneered at Bao Qi’s shameless head held high and blinked, but she thought about it for a long time. She bit her lips in a man’s eyes for a long time, or she was determined to tell me about the things she encountered on the road today, including his "transaction" and the point that he and Fang Weijiu looked a little similar.
According to reason, Lengxiao should be surprised.
She didn’t expect that his eyes sank when it came to looks, but when it came to the deal, he didn’t react at all. In the end, when she finished, he said with great regret
"Mom said not to do anything."
"Hey, what do you mean?" Bao Qi was surprised that her brow bent into the moon.
Sharp-eyed, staring at her, Leng Xiao’s face remained the same, which was taken for granted.
"Expose? I can’t ask. "
Can’t you ask for it? Ya ya
Oh, with a small mouth, Bao Qi suddenly realized that he had reached out his finger and poked his chest with his teeth, and said bitterly, "You beast, did you already know that I was photographed?" Not only do you not stop it, but you also want people to take pictures and expose it? What’s Lengxiao’s idea? You haven’t had water in your brain, have you? "
"What am I afraid of?" The eyes flashed with a cold and sharp light. The man broke her head strongly to face himself, kissed his big hand with alcohol on his lips, and wrapped his body around the little woman in his arms.
Stealing the fragrance successfully, the lip angle is slightly hooked and cold.
"The whole world knows that you are my cold owl woman, and you hook up with people everywhere."
What the hell is she hitting on? ! How wronged!
The back of the hand was wiped by his kiss, and the lip treasure girl picked her eyebrows and became angry from embarrassment.
"Lengxiao you old fox, so you have been calculating me? I wonder if you deliberately make out with me every time you know that someone is taking a sneak shot? "
"Don’t talk? ! If you don’t talk, I’ll take it as your default! Oh, I finally know that those intimate things are fake! " One got up, she sat up, her legs straddled his waist, and his eyes were parallel to hate, and he still couldn’t understand why he directly slammed his head into his forehead.
Who is the pain when a little sheep hits the wolf?
Touching her forehead, Miss Bao cried out in pain and twisted, pinched and pinched her body.
"Little crazy! Be honest! "
The gnashing owl has a hoarse voice. If this girl wants to wriggle again, he will soon breathe fire.
The tip of his nose dawdled at her. He didn’t explain, deny or admit it, but directly changed the subject.
"Have you had enough just now?"
"I’m full. Can’t you see I’m eating hard?" Touched his belly treasure and pure thought of the table five tube courting sample holding voice ridicule way "where like you! Uh-oh, uncle leng, have some of this. Well, try this. Is it delicious? Wow, you’re full without eating, aren’t you? No, the more you eat, the hungrier you want to eat her, right? "
"heartless dog"
Man Obsidian is as deep as dark and cool eyes, which inadvertently reflects Miss Bao’s sour and twisted little face, holding her in her arms, twisting her body and watching her pink lips spit out one complaint after another …
For no reason, Uncle Owl was in a good mood.
She is jealous! She is jealous of him!
This knowledge softened his eyes, rubbed his big hands along her hair and pressed her body down. "I’m hungry, but …"
"ah! You are a hungry beast "treasure and pure feeling he poked me hard strength to twist the body resistance and then period AI Aidit pointed to his lips inadvertently du up.
"See? It hurts everywhere here, here and here. Let’s make a deal. You are not allowed to touch me for a week, or you will look good … "
"What are you thinking?" The man stretched out his big hand to massage her shoulders and waist, and of course, his chest was cold. He said with a slightly teasing tone, "I’m hungry. I didn’t eat with me just now?"
"ah? !”
Is it true that she reacted too strongly to the word’ hungry’?
Is it true that the demon in this extinct color doesn’t mean that, but that she is full of affection?
Ow! This time it’s embarrassing.
She stared at him with big eyes and looked at him plaintively. After a second, she bared her teeth and jumped.
"Make fun of me, you big beast. You make fun of me and I will fight you hard!"
"Silly like! See you in bed. "
The man with his hands clenched around her waist sidestepped her little fangs and two fur claws with insufficient force, and two people tossed back and forth in this narrow room.
In the end, he finally found her lips and pressed them on the chair. It was just a hard kiss, and he didn’t want to bite the kiss at random. Unexpectedly, when he was in hot water, the words of death came again.
Patted her face, Leng Xiao heaved a sigh, cleared his throat, straightened up, sat upright and picked up the words.
His face changed and he hung up after two words of’ mm-hmm’.
"Let’s go. If you’re hungry, someone will buy you a drink."
"Who is it?" Touched by a wolf’s mouth, Bao Qi’s breathing is not very smooth, and the export sound is not much better than mosquitoes.
The eyes are heavy and the cold owl bluntly says "iron"
Fan Tie? !
Hum two pieces of precious girl a little aggrieved by Xiaojing, so she insinuated angrily.
"He? Aren’t you going to be the groom in three days? Are you in a good mood to drink or are you depressed to drink? "
"Bad thing!" Lengxiao pinched her waist and wanted to rub her into her body. "You know it’s also mean!"
Do you feel aggrieved for your buddy?
Men.-What was that?
Try to bend your mouth. Bao Qi has never been a kind-hearted advocate. Staring at a man with big eyes and a handsome face, his small hands are savagely pinching his Adam’s apple. A pair of clear eyes, such as those with mountain springs and rippling lips, smile slightly like a female rogue, and then he sings Kunqu Opera in Beijing dialect.
"Sec. Uncle, don’t you like me bad? ! Don’t say I stole a look at Gong E’s soul. You’re a common king, and you don’t want to turn over the spring. You don’t want to wash Yushan. You can’t wash your shoulders. You can’t hold your waist around … It’s just like a goddess bringing the sunset rain back … "
Little rascal!
Watching her sing and say that she’s charming and pretty, I can’t help laughing, I can’t help but feel a burst of ups and downs in my chest, and those eyes that fall on her waist are closed and tightened, which makes her rare to the bone.
To say that Wu Tongtong’s body is really a bit precious and charming, but his unique little thing, Zhong Ling Yuxiu, is not only born or honed by the acquired environment, but can other girls imitate it? !
With black eyes hanging slightly, he seems to be thinking about something deep and distant.
A second later, he picked up his handsome eyebrow and lifted her small hand to pick up her words.
"It’s only from my dream that I am filled with the lingering fragrance of the pillow in a hurry."
Alcohol is really a good thing! I didn’t expect my uncle to say ancient poems so seriously after drinking wine.
Bao Qi smiled slightly for a second, and his waist was almost straight. His hands kept pounding his shoulders, and his abdomen creaked with anger.
"SEC. Uncle ya is really a sex maniac! I thought you were serious and unsmiling before, girl. As a result, you are all pretending, big belly and black man show. You are so coquettish from the outside! "
Squinting at her, the man flashed a smile in his eyes, holding her legs down and sitting in the body.
"Do you like it?"
"Yes, how can I not like it?" Hold your head high, Bao Qi suddenly reaches out and grabs his sexy cool lips. His mouth is wrapped in pink smart tongue, and his eyes are gently licked. The words are somewhat sly, but they are not cold and want to hear that.