The kiln workers didn’t know that Kelly murmured in their amazement, "Do you think this is ok, young master?"
"Is that all right? Don’t say that? The word is fine! " Wang Kegao said, "If you have a good idea, just do it yourself if you approve it. If something goes wrong, it’s okay."
A few kiln workers didn’t expect Kelly to react so much, and they were also happy. Kelly said some words of encouragement to them, turned around and went to the kiln mouth where porcelain was fired.
Kelly turned a circle around the kiln mouth and didn’t see any kiln workers. Kelly was very strange. I don’t know where all these kiln workers have gone.
I was trying to leave when I saw several kiln workers panting and running back.
Chapter one or two sample
Kelly some angry asked, "where have you been? I don’t know to leave one guarding the kiln mouth! "
The kiln worker surnamed Wei quickly said, "Young Master found a stone in Shandong, and if he couldn’t get it back by himself, he asked someone to carry it back together."
Kelly blamed himself wrongly, and they quickly apologized, "I’m sorry I misjudged you, but how did you go to Shandong to find some stone?"
Wei Yaogong said quickly, "Young Master, don’t say that you’re sorry that everyone has disappeared. Anyone who has seen it should also ask Young Master, why don’t you come and see it with Xiao Xiao? Xiao Xiao really thinks this stone is weird."
Kelly some curious followed to the kiln and saw a large stone lying on the ground.
Kelly turned a circle around this stone and didn’t see anything about this broken stone. He couldn’t help looking at the two kiln workers and asked, "What is this for? I don’t think so. You are still like babies! "
Wei Yaogong looked at Kelly for a long time with his mouth wide open. "No way, young master. You really don’t know what this is?"
Kelly replied blankly, "I don’t know. I can’t burn porcelain. Of course I don’t know."
At this time, three women who have been watching fresh things outside also ran in and heard Kelly talking to the kiln. They were also very curious. They all ran around the stone and looked at it for a long time. One by one, like Kelly, they didn’t know what was wrong with this stone. Three pairs of eyes also looked at the two kiln workers together.
Wei kiln workers really understood this group of people at this time, so they patiently said, "Master and mistress, you may think this is an ordinary stone, but it is not. It is a glaze to make porcelain glaze."
Kelly immediately asked, "You know how it feels weird?"
Wei Kiln explained, "I saw this stone on the side of the road when I came back from the outside a few days ago. I thought it was raining from the mountain a few days ago. When I was curious, I looked at it for a few minutes and found it was a piece of glaze. I knocked some back first. I didn’t expect it to burn out in a few pieces of porcelain soil. It was actually a blue glaze. I haven’t seen this kind of colored glaze in porcelain kilns for more than ten years."
Kelly froze when he heard the blue glaze, but he knew it was called blue and white, which was very popular in later generations.
Stay Wang Ke slow lead strength to hurriedly asked "where is the burnt porcelain? Show it to me! "
Wei kiln worker was very urgent when he saw Kelly. I don’t know why he was so excited. He hurriedly ran back to the porcelain place and carefully picked up a few pieces of porcelain. Kelly’s hand trembled and picked up one. It was blue and white porcelain.
Nanping saw Kelly so unknowingly asked "what’s the matter with the general? Is there anything wrong? "
The two kiln workers also stared at Kelly. They had never seen their own young master so rude. It was the first time that they accidentally burned the ceramic tile wrong. every cloud has a silver lining became another higher thing, and they didn’t see this young master.
Kelly’s lips trembled and said, "Blue and white. This is blue and white. I didn’t expect to burn blue and white in our porcelain kiln!"
Wei kiln worker saw Kelly so excited and said excitedly, "Master, let’s burn more after that."
Wei Yaogong woke up with this sentence. Kelly Kelly Ma said, "No, this glaze can be used to burn high-grade porcelain. Now don’t use this glaze for the time being. When I get back, I will draw a few models for you. You must keep it a secret and don’t let others know that we are going to burn it exclusively now!"
Wei kiln workers nodded again and again. They knew that their young master’s thoughts were all around money all day. If he wanted to say it, he must have had another idea. If he wanted to do what he said, he would not suffer.
Kelly told them again and again until Nanping they all felt that he was very wordy and kept pulling his sleeve at the side before stopping and coming out with three women.
Just out of the kiln area, Kelly said to the three girls, "Today is really the right day. I have a big surprise everywhere. Now I’m going to see cotton to see if I can get another big surprise."
The three girls are very happy to see this Kelly, and naturally they are happy with it. After all, this is in the husband’s time, which makes Kelly very satisfied.
All the way to the field, I saw a piece of green cotton growing well.
Lanling is young and has never seen cotton. Pulling Kelly, he asked, "General, is this cotton? But why didn’t I see flowers? There aren’t even flowers and bones! "
Not to mention Kelly, Nanping and Dongyue also laughed. Although they have never seen cotton like Lanling, they also know that this kind of thing can’t grow in a day or two in the field.
Kelly touched Lanling’s head and said lovingly, "Little fool, how can it be so fast? It will take several months to see it then."
LanLing cocked his head and asked, "General, what color is this flower? Are they many colors? "
Kelly said to himself, "If you want it to be many colors, you have to live for more than a thousand years to see it."
However, this statement can really be said in my heart and replied, "It’s not that the flowers are white and fluffy. It’s beautiful to pick it and spin it into cloth. It’s much better than linen clothes now." It can also be used to make it warmer than the blanket we have now. "
The three women listened to Kelly and looked at the eyeful cotton, imagining what it would be like when it matured.
LanLing mouth murmured "really so good? You grow cotton quickly. I really want to see what it looks like now. "
Kelly smiled and touched Lanling’s head and looked at the sky. He felt that it was getting late and said to the third daughter, "Now we have finished watching it. Now let’s go to the mountain. Shall we have a picnic in the mountain today?"
The three girls all looked surprised. After all, Nanping was older. After the surprise, Ma asked, "General, but we didn’t bring anything. We didn’t bring weapons even when we were hunting."
Kelly, with a smug face, came to the car with three girls and hit the back door with a big bag of food in front of the three girls.
As soon as the three girls cheered, they felt that coming out of these workshops today brought Kelly a great surprise, while Kelly gave them a great surprise at this moment.
Lanling cheered and jumped to hold Kelly and kept calling, "The general wanted to have a picnic and didn’t tell us earlier that Lanling didn’t bring a lot of things."
Kelly said with a smile, "I’ll take it again next time. Today, I don’t know when I’m afraid I won’t be able to go anywhere if it’s too late, so I didn’t tell you that we’ll go out for a whole day sometime!"
Three women nodding seven hands and feet to take things out of the car, a few people talking and laughing, walking towards the mountain.
Chapter DiYiErYi daughters shop (1)
Day will also be black Wang Ke with three girls enjoy just stepped into his room and saw Torre Wang Si spinning in the living room.
Before Kelly came to speak, Wang Si jumped to the front of Kelly and asked, "Where have you been today?" The emperor has been looking for you for a long time, and his family has searched all the places where you may go, but they have not found you! "
Wang Ke’s heart thumped and said to himself, "It’s bad for Comrade Li Er to find me. If I can’t find it, I guess I won’t have a good fruit."
Nanping saluted Wang Si aside and said, "Grandpa, don’t blame the general. It’s all our sisters. It’s not good for the general to take us to Zhuanghoumen Mountain. If my father wants to blame it, it’s up to my daughter-in-law."
Nanping takes all the blame on himself because of her identity. Wang Si will definitely not lose his temper with her because of her identity. Comrade Li Er is his daughter. If Comrade Li Er wants to get angry, he will pull Lanling to play coquetry with Comrade Li Er. It is estimated that he can deal with the past. If he doesn’t come out and take the lead, he will record all the blame to Wang Ke. Then Kelly will suffer greatly. Nanping will definitely not want to.
Wang Si saw Nanping’s tone of voice also slowed down and said to Nanping, "Don’t blame yourself, princess. The old man is also looking at the emperor to find this little find impatient and followed by some impatience. Since this is the case today, the old man wants to come to the emperor and won’t blame it."
Wang Si actually wanted Nanping to help Kelly take off one or three women when Comrade Li Er was angry. Would you understand?