"Fate collapses, catastrophe will start, and all souls will die."
"Now fate has collapsed."
"When the mirror of fate cracked, we could no longer observe things from it."
"As if it were dead."
Xu Yang said that SHEN WOO Xiandi was somberly and lost in deep thought.
This passage has indeed been flowing in the top of the celestial world for a long time.
And deeply rooted in the hearts of the people
Because it was found in the treasure of an ancient super empire.
It can’t be a confusing statement.
"SHEN WOO, now all the forces in the celestial world have begun to stir, and the catastrophe horse is about to begin."
"We must be prepared."
Xu Yang said, "Let’s put things in the fairy house for a while. It’s lucky to be able to protect yourself in such a big disaster. No one can take care of everything."
SHEN WOO immortal emperor silent eyes constantly changing.
It’s really a wave of unrest!
His own disaster hasn’t left yet, but the new disaster has come again.
How to make a choice?
What should I do?
Or what can he do?
The more I think about SHEN WOO Xiandi, the more my heart sinks.
Chapter 7 Cautious Sellers
In the courtyard
Ye Feng has separated the fairy laws from the yellow mud to form several laws, and the array is arranged outside the courtyard.
Even if the immortal emperor comes, it may not be able to get rid of the flowers and plants in the courtyard smoothly.
After all this, he left a little yellow powder on his hand.
That’s yellow mud after the elimination rule.
These yellow powders look as common as outside dust.
But when the leaves are strong with the wind, they still show some extraordinary characteristics.
It’s a living force.
Rich to the extreme
"This thing"
Ye frowned with the wind, and the powder performance reminded him of something that was right.
Wanling soil
It was an extreme creature that appeared at the beginning of the world.
Origin of life
Some people say that all living things in the world are evolved from the soil of all souls.
At first, it evolved into several archaic beasts, such as Zulong, Zufeng, Magic Zu, Demon Zu, and Renzu.
Later, all kinds of other creatures slowly appeared.
The world becomes colorful.
This statement is people’s fantasy and speculation.
But the soul soil is really in
Someone once got this kind of soil to help it evolve, and since then, it has been based on the peak to suppress the ages.
At present, the yellow powder does have some qualities of the soil.
"It seems that we must investigate."
It is said that the soil leaves of all spirits are also eager to see if it is so magical in the end.
"Xiaolan, I’ll go to the virtual world again."