Tang Jun knew that "fusion" was a bit difficult, so he naturally played an extremely important role. He fused the essence medicinal materials in order according to the principle that each component was mutually dependent and mutually resistant with the ability of soul perception. When he fused the essence components separated from "Snow Lotus" into the energy ball of Dan furnace, the situation changed.
Tang Jun’s face changed immediately, and the fusion failed. The alchemists heard the rumbling of the blast furnace in front of the abnormal teenager, and they all knew that the juvenile fusion failed. Their faces could not help but show ridicule. A teenager who just became a fourth-order alchemist dared to touch this kind of "five-grain blood Dan". Is it stupid to the extreme?
If a fourth-order alchemist doesn’t have two years’ experience in alchemy, it’s almost difficult to refine the fourth-order Dan medicine. Li Feifei and Chu bo both became fourth-order alchemists two years ago, but they still haven’t succeeded in refining the fourth-order Dan medicine. Even if they can refine the fourth-order Dan medicine ten times, it’s not bad. Even if they are fourth-order Dan medicine, they can’t guarantee that they will be able to refine it successfully.
Although the same four-order alchemists are not graded, their alchemy level is still far from each other; This time, the younger brothers of the alchemy alliance all chose the most difficult Dan medicine to refine, hoping that they could play beyond their level and consider it a big challenge in life.
And the three third-order girl alchemists followed them to challenge the fourth-order Dan medicine. They were secretly happy. Is it possible for them to refine the fourth-order Dan medicine?
Sure enough, with the failure of Tang Jun’s fusion, Miss Lu and Lili Liang also failed to "fuse". That Miss Guo came here and was clever at doing exercises. At this time, she has entered the "forming", but as a result, the energy ball broke and failed
The Qin manuscript is still slowly entering the "forming". After all, he has just succeeded in this extremely third-order Dan medicine once. This time, it can be said that he is full of confidence. Unfortunately, he never thought that every refining method of extremely third-order Dan medicine would almost fail.
At this time, there are only five young brothers left in the arena, and all five of them have successfully entered the "forming" stage through the "integration"
"Ginger is still old and spicy. It’s worthy of being an experienced alchemist. The alchemists trained by professional training are just different. Are those stragglers comparable?"
At this time, Xiao Haishen, president of Nanliang refining alliance branch, looked at President Li and couldn’t help but smile.
"Of course!"
President Li naturally agreed with President Xiao’s words and nodded his head with a smug face. His five young brothers did not disappoint him, which was much better than those stragglers.
Tang Jun couldn’t help getting more and more annoyed when he heard their two presidents flatter themselves. Did they really beat those professionally trained alchemist brothers? He couldn’t help looking at them to see if they could really "shape" success.
Although it has broken through the "fusion", it is more difficult to "shape" at that time. Li Feifei’s beautiful cheeks have rolled a few drops of sweat, and the damn "ice lotus" and "ice crystal powder" are about to "shape". A little crack in the embryonic form of Dan medicine has appeared. Li Feifei is very depressed and sits in the chair behind him, panting.
Then a little bit of burnt smell wafted to Tang Jun’s side, and immediately frowned at this unpleasant smell. It is conceivable that Miss Li also failed.
With a slight explosion, Chu bo’s face changed and he just stood there staring at the blast furnace, which has exploded into powder and ashes. I wish I could kick the blast furnace down. His alchemy level is still slightly lower than that of Li’s sister. I’m afraid he can’t catch up with this beautiful fiancee in this generation.
That Ma Xiuzhen was not much better. With a muffled sound, he refined Dan medicine to "shape", which was also broken at the moment; The nearest Xiao Gushui is also a failure of "shaping"; Have the Liu Yuping after some hard work is he successfully through the "forming".
At this time, Liu Yuping didn’t lose in the first round of refining, and others failed. The nine of them simply stopped refining and watched Liu Yuping make the last "Chengdan" anyway. At this time, all the people are also looking at Liu Yuping. Chapter three hundred and seventy-one Young Group English Competition (6)
Lu Yuping is the weakest among the fourth-order young alchemists among his fellow disciples, and his identity is relatively ordinary. His parents are rural farmers, but he was taken by President Li Guzhong because he has 90% of the properties of wood. However, he is honest and slow-witted. Although he has such terrible properties of wood, he has never been able to catch up with his fellow disciples.
Liu Yuping is a little guilty, and a burst of Danxiang has been released, and the audience’s faces are full of appreciation.
It may be the first time that so many people looked at the alchemy, and Liu Yuping was honest and timid. At this time, his face was hot and his heart was pounding. As a result, the last "Chengdan" did not control the temperature well, and it was a pity that one that had almost been "Chengdan" and "San Xuan Dan" accidentally cracked.
Fourth-order Dan medicine alchemy alliance brothers have refined a lot, but like this "five-grain blood Dan", Li Feifei Chu bo rarely learned to refine this extremely fourth-order Dan medicine. For twenty-year-old boys, the root is to expect to refine this extremely Dan medicine, which is not only expensive, but also expensive and harmful.
This time, in order to let the players learn to challenge their own limits, the alchemy alliance branch took out the "Five-grain Blood Dan" and showed it to everyone. The refining failure of all the players had long been expected by President Li. According to his speculation, I am afraid that none of the ten players will succeed in refining, because it is more difficult to refine the "Five-grain Blood Dan" than to refine a fifth-order Dan medicine.
Thinking of this, President Li smiled and encouraged the players. "We should try our best not to take success or failure too seriously. This alchemy competition is mainly to let everyone learn to challenge their own limits, so that their alchemy level will be greatly improved and they will go further in the future."
After hearing the master’s words, the young brothers’ faces softened a lot, otherwise the pressure brought by failure would still be very heavy. There are still hundreds of thousands of people around watching their game.
Tang Jun has just seen her failure by watching Li Feifei’s "forming" process. It is really those two kinds of "ice lotus" and "ice crystal powder". These two materials seem to play an auxiliary role and should not be integrated into the energy ball, but it doesn’t seem to work if they are not integrated. Isn’t it strange? After some thinking, Tang Jun vaguely understood that in the process of "forming", these two materials should be extracted first and put in Dan medicine to catalyze at the bottom, so maybe there is still a glimmer of "forming" hope?
Tang Jun couldn’t help but be overjoyed and very excited. He immediately threw himself into the second refining process. After burning and separating, he had already made a fusion. He couldn’t help looking at the Li Feifei. Unexpectedly, in the second round, her refining speed slowed down a lot. Maybe she was thinking about the failure just now. Li Feifei is still in the process of "separation".
Tang Jun wanted to observe how Li Feifei was successfully integrated first, but now he changed his mind when he saw that she was still separating, and he slowly studied the integration process himself. As a result, he still failed, and the problem was still in the two kinds of "ice lotus" and "ice crystal powder"
Tang Jun couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. He turned to look at Li Feifei’s successful integration.
At this time, Li Feifei was in the process of fusion. When she saw Tang Jun watching her next to an alchemist, she couldn’t help smiling at him, throwing a glad eye and continuing refining. It wasn’t long before she passed the "fusion".
Tang Jun looked at Li Feifei’s refining and finally found a big problem. It turned out that when the other party fused, it called out a little spirit to wrap the two most annoying materials, namely, ice lotus and ice crystal powder, so that they could make trouble. It was only when they were successfully fused that Tang Jun was full of passion for the beautiful girl beside him. Now he has melted, fused and formed. There should be no big problem when these two materials are connected to the final "Cheng Dan".
Tang Jun felt in a good mood and immediately prepared for the third round of refining. Now he has this last hope. He has thrown two kinds of herbs into an alchemy furnace for burning. He can’t help but look around. His nine players are busy and still in the second round of refining. One of them has entered the last round of refining.
At this time, Guo Shimei has entered the "shaping". Seeing that her face is hot and sweaty, her eyebrows are locked. Obviously, Tang Jun has touched a big problem. Tang Jun immediately calls out a little idea and falls on her. Guo Shimei is refining "San Xuan Dan" and there has been a little crack. This shows that her round of alchemy can fail again. No wonder she looks so ugly?
Just when Miss Guo was at a loss, a vague figure of Brother Tang suddenly appeared in her mind, and a sound came into her mind, "Bring out the fire wood property department owned by your body and blend it into Dan medicine for gentle touch and refining with the fire of the gods."
Miss Guo couldn’t help but stay for a while, but then her face turned white with joy. She immediately threw a big glad eye at Brother Tang, which made Tang Jun very happy.
Suddenly, Li Feifei, who is beside Tang Jun, seems to have met the problem just now. She is refining Dan medicine and there is a crack. She is pale and a little scary.
Tang Jun looked at the beautiful girl beside him, feeling a little tangled and wondering whether I should help her. It happened that Miss Li threw a delicate and touching look at him at this moment, which made him feel even worse. Finally, she decided to help her once and smiled and said softly, "The two materials, Snow Lotus and Ice Crystal Powder, should be extracted first and put in Dan medicine to catalyze it at the bottom, so maybe there is still a glimmer of hope of" forming "?"
Li Feifei was overjoyed to hear Tang Jun’s words and immediately threw a big glad eye at him, which provoked Chu bo to shoot a bitter eye at Tang Jun. He hated it in Chapter Three hundred and seventy-two. Young heroes (63)
Tang Jun naturally sensed Chu Gong’s vicious eyes, but he was too lazy to ignore him to continue refining. As the medicinal materials were thrown into the blast furnace, 21 kinds of materials were burned and taken out by him, and then the separation exercise was carried out. At this time, Li Feifei Tang Jun quietly helped to "shape" successfully. The Chu bo still failed and was panting in his chair.
"Haha, you are the best young alchemist in our South Liangguo alchemy alliance. Miss Li is really a genius."
The refining alliance President Xiao saw Li Feifei’s "shaping" success and couldn’t help but praise it. Li Guzhu’s face next to him also showed pride.
President Li Guzhong’s face was full of surprises, and he nodded with a smile. None of his younger brothers could "shape" the "five stripes of blood Dan". Unexpectedly, Li Feifei did it? It’s really a big surprise that he was excited for a long time to be able to hit the key in this Dan medicine. It’s not something that a fourth-order young alchemist can do. Only those experienced alchemists who went to the old alchemist in their sixties can do it. Today, a 19-year-old girl did it? It can be said that it has created a miracle!