Zhuo Qiang saw his father’s eyes and knew what he meant. Since he bought a fishing boat, his family’s economic situation has been getting worse day by day. Dad’s original good cigarettes and good wines have also dropped again. Since I heard that my son made money, it is inevitable to take the opportunity to eat and get cards.
Zhuo Qiang got up and went to his bedroom. Although Ye Chuchu slept inside, she didn’t care much about it because her eyes were not a real woman.
Look at this situation in Zhuo Wenhao’s eyes, that means something else. This little girl and this little girl are still pretending to be innocent when they come to this! Let’s just live together!
When I brought the money box back from the boat, I put it on the bedside table. Zhuo Qiang could have found it without pulling the light, but he habitually pulled the light.
The bed leaves are a sultry posture. The bed on the side is concave and convex. The body doesn’t even have a sheet to cover it. The hair has a charm. Wearing a three-point body, the skin is delicate and white, which makes Zhuo Qiang almost unable to hold it.
Just when Zhuo Qiang looked at Ye Chuchu’s eyes and picked up the box, Ye Chuchu’s eyes suddenly opened to Zhuo’s emphasis, and his eyes flickered. He was surprised and ashamed. He hurriedly walked out of the door with the box and slammed the door, but even forgot to pull out the lights in the room.
Zhuowenhao saw that his son ran out of the room in a panic and smiled awkwardly at Zhuoqiang. Zhuoqiang blushed and secretly lamented the spirit of this father’s divination.
"Pa" came from a box. Zhuo Wenhao looked at half of the boxes with bundles of hundred-dollar bills and felt his eyes were a little dizzy. He rarely saw so much cash. It seems that he is really developed.
"This is 100,000 yuan. You should take it, pay off the debts, and return the rest to others. Just leave it to buy things with my mother. Don’t be reluctant to spend the flowers!" When the poor get rich, they stand out and stand out, but they just don’t push their bellies forward to dad’s face
"This let me put? Don’t you leave some? " Zhuo Wenhao said this in his mouth, but he pulled the box without a mention. At this time, it is not so easy for Zhuo Qiang to take it back.
Since you have got so much money so quickly, Zhuo Wenhao believes that the money in your hand will not be more than this. You must never be soft when you pick it up, but you should be more practical when you spend it.
This tight day has turned dad, a spendthrift, into a miser, and Zhuo Qiang is more convinced that nothing can be changed because of the power of money.
He Xiang Zhuo Wenhao said, "You sleep quickly!" This sentence trotted into the master bedroom with a box, and it didn’t look like a man in his forties!
Zhuo Qiang watched his father enter the room and lay heavily on the sofa or sleep at home. He closed his eyes contentedly.
Unexpectedly, he didn’t fall asleep quickly. Ye Chuchu’s vivid flesh curve flashed in front of him for a long time and he couldn’t calm down.
It seems that it’s time to find a suitable girlfriend!
The next afternoon, I took Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu to Ssangyong Shipping Company for the first time after I got up, and I’ll talk about his business when I got the more than 900,000.
After the account was finished, Zhuo Qiang went to talk to Zheng Xiulian for a while as usual. This old classmate helped himself so much that he couldn’t help but contact his feelings.
In the chat between Zheng Xiulian and Zhuo Qiang, he deliberately asked about the details of Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao. Zhuo Qiang didn’t say much. He said that he met him by chance. Jing Tian is the daughter of Tian Weijun, the municipal party Committee. Because there is no need to tell others about her special status, it will also be a lot less trouble.
In case Zheng Xiulian asks Jing Tian for help because of the company accident, he will definitely be in a dilemma.
Although this kind of thing is unlikely, it is better to say less just in case.
It is wisest to say less or not to say more than one thing.
Zheng Xiulian see ZhuoJiang don’t want to be slightly disappointed, but she guessed ZhuoJiang may have another story is not at ease.
I heard that the little girl is still learning this Zhuo Qiang, but she has the means to pick up a girl!
With such a beautiful woman as Ye Chuchu, I also look for girls to play around. This old classmate is playing more and more.
Zhuo Qiang’s failure to enjoy what happened last night frightened Zheng Xiulian in vain, saying that she would have a good time when she got a chance to make up for it.
Zheng Xiulian smiled and said, "When did I see you?"? I am afraid of you! "
Zhuo Qiang ha ha smiled and said that it would not happen again. Zheng Xiulian promised to come and have a chance to play again.
Farewell to Zheng Xiulian, out of Ssangyong Navigation Company, Zhuoqiang found a quiet cafe, sat with Ye Chuchu and Liu Xiaolei, and waited until noon when Meng Huiqi called to see if there was any way to sell these gold coins.
I finally waited until noon. Meng Huiqi called and said that the course was too tight to come at noon, or we could make an appointment another day.
Zhuo Qiang’s time is precious, but it’s a lot of money. He won’t give up so easily. He repeatedly asks that if he can’t come, he can visit his father alone.
Meng Huiqi thought for a moment and asked his father if he agreed.
Things went well. A coin collector heard that someone had ancient coins in his hand, and he agreed to meet Zhuo Qiang as eagerly as a goat heard that the women’s bath was open to the public.
Zhuo Qiang heard that Meng Huiqi’s father agreed to meet and wrote down their home address and words. He hurried out of the cafe with two hands and took a taxi and went straight to Meng Huiqi’s home.
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According to Meng Huiqi, the location made two calls to his home and asked the detailed route. After that, Zhuo Qiang finally arrived at Meng Huiqi’s home.
Meng Huiqi’s home is located in a two-story building with a single house in the old city. It looks antique and shows the owner’s special taste.
The door is an elegant middle-aged man. Needless to say, this must be what Meng Huiqi’s father, Zhuo Qiang, is looking for.
Entering the room, Zhuo Qiang accidentally found that there was a thin old man in his fifties. After some introductions, Zhuo Qiang realized that this old man was Meng Huiqi’s father, Meng Rongxuan, an old overseas friend. His name was Wang Dapeng, and he stopped by to meet an old friend when he returned to China for business.
Because I already know Zhuoqiang’s purpose in her words, Meng Rongxuan doesn’t talk nonsense. Let Zhuoqiang take things out and let him have a look.
Meng Rongxuan was not sure about Zhuo Qiang’s real purpose. He guessed that Zhuo Qiang might want him to identify a gold coin.
Zhuo Qiang pulled out a piece from his pocket and handed it to Meng Rongxuan. After looking at his eyes with the naked eye, he concluded that it was really because gold coins were faked too high. Generally, ancient gold coins were rarely faked.
If he forges metal coins, even if he is a green hand, he can roughly tell whether they are true or false, not to mention experts. However, if real gold is used to make counterfeit coins, it seems completely unnecessary.
The special feature of this gold coin is that it is almost perfect, and it is much better than collecting those ancient coins yourself.
To show his professional and prudent attitude, Meng Rongxuan took out a magnifying glass and looked at it carefully for a moment before he nodded heavily and said, "Well, it’s really doubtful! It’s a Venice medieval gold coin. Yes! Where did you come from? Do you want to collect it yourself or do you want to shoot it? "