Hum! Behind him, the sword finally came out of its sheath, and a perfect white sword appeared in his hand. This sword is as handsome as a gentleman in the middle of the world. He named it Jun Jian, who killed the red. He accidentally got a sword and gave it to Sammul He.
Walking around the sky with a sword in his hand, he looks like a traveler, the King of God. However, it is not difficult to see from the concentration of nine pupils that he is struggling to move in the sword shadow. He dare not be careless or he will be seriously injured!
Finally, he approached Han!
"Ten thousand people are no match!"
A roar loud, the white sword in his hand was suddenly wrapped in bloody aura and seemed to burn, and then a rainbow broke through the sky and fell from the sky! Full of incomparable power!
Knock, knock, knock
His sword blocked all the swords around him and stabbed Han’s abdomen!
His pupils contract differently, like I can’t believe my eyes. His sword has sunk less than an inch, and the other person’s body is like an iron wall!
Boom Still coming or not, Jian Han consciously kicked him and kicked him hard. The injury was even more serious and it was actually difficult to fall on the ground.
"Can’t ten thousand people cope with him?" Pupils flashing, he didn’t lose heart. He tore up the blue clothes and bandaged the sword wound in his right chest. He finally gritted his teeth and moved forward!
"Ten thousand enemy is not your opponent, just try the second type! A hundred ghosts are hard to invade! I must go to the fifth floor! "
Your sword in your hand trembled violently, like it was also excited for a moment. The sword awn came out from your sword, and the whole corridor was rendered as blood red, full of death, like an evil ghost growling at Han! Then all the evil spirits also turned into a sword burning with blood and aura!
Destroy the fairy five types and the second type. A hundred ghosts are hard to invade! This is its true face. The power of destroying the fairy five types per liter is more than one plus one!
The second sword has fallen!
Violent blasting caused smoke and dust to rise all over the sky, and cracks appeared in the whole fourth floor. In the blasting, the floor was directly penetrated to reveal the third floor.
"I’m coming to the fifth floor. Ahem."
Sammul He’s look is so depressed that there is not much aura left in his body. I’m afraid he will have to stop to recover his aura when he turns the corner. However, he just bypassed the explosion center and suddenly stopped his pupils from shrinking! A sword beside him went straight to the side of his brain!
"The wind is coming!"
Dancing in the hair for a long time before falling, his body was soaked in cold sweat, like he lost his soul and almost died!
Now there is a sword mark on his forehead! Just now, if it weren’t for the nine-pupil circle eye, it hasn’t been recovered. If it weren’t for the first time, he had been stabbed in the head with a sword! Swallowing a mouthful of saliva calmed his mind and he turned to look at the smoke all over the sky.
The smoke hasn’t dispersed yet, and Han’s figure has been constantly enlarged and he walked out of the smoke with blood!
"How is it possible! I can’t pierce his body when I attack, but even if he is so badly injured, can’t he feel pain? " Sammul He’s eyes almost narrowed into a crack.
Han still approached him step by step with a flat face, still holding out his hand without saying a word. The sword pointed to the sky and the sword shadow reappeared like a peacock.
it’s over
A huge explosion brought the whole four-story house into tatters, and the glass part in the room shattered!
Sammul He!’ In the fifth floor, Avril’s body trembled, and there was a feeling of loss in her heart, as if her heart suddenly became swinging, which was as uncomfortable as finding Alexander’s bones.
Mr Deya smiled "how so big reaction? Is this the sixth sense that something happened to you in Sammul He? "
Avril’s pupil flickered and stared at Nudeya fiercely. "Didn’t you say to tell the noodle man not to kill him!" "
Nudeya shrugged his shoulders. "I told you this, but I didn’t say it just now. If the battle is fierce, even if I give an order, it is likely to be killed by mistake. After all, it is a battle! But don’t worry, "his eyes suddenly become very hot." Whoever kills that person will kill him! How dare you disobey my orders! How dare you disobey my orders! "
Nudeya is angry. What’s his plan if Sammul He dies? How can Avril lie quietly where he is when she is not tied down? He is very angry.
"Come on! Who is guarding the fourth floor? Bring him to me! Actually disobeying my orders, damn it! "
"Master? The fourth layer guardian really wants to bring and kill? " A light hunter came to the door with a strange expression.
"eh? Don’t I say he can live if he dies? "Nudeya snorted.
"That young master is a shadow puppet on the fourth floor."
"Shadow puppet? Who let the puppet guard the fourth floor! " Nudeya frowned slightly.
"It’s the Lord."
Nudeya stopped and turned to Avril. "Now I hope he doesn’t die more than you do."
Did you see the Olympic gold medal activity? Ask for strength! Ask the distinguished guests for their seals! Everyone’s new list is now the seventh click. Although it is ideal, where are the VIPs, flowers and stamps? None of this is satisfactory. smoking less than a pack of cigarettes and drinking less than a sip of wine can make it more brilliant! In addition, please see the support of the stolen students. The brothers are reading the starting network 17k. Let’s give it a force. Section 43 Those who stop me die.
"Now I hope he doesn’t die more than you do."
As soon as the sound fell, the whole cabin suddenly shook violently, and Avril and Nudeya fell to the ground without preparation, but Nudeyafei smiled instead of being angry. "This is the fourth floor. Isn’t the little one dead? It must be the little one!"
Hearing Nudeya’s words, I love Vera with joy. "Not dead yet?" Sammul He, I knew you wouldn’t die and I wouldn’t let you die! " She seems to have made some decision.
At this moment, the fourth floor of the cabin is already beyond recognition, and the whole ground is covered with cobwebs. If you are not careful, you may fall off the surface.
"Ahem" Sammul He coughed in the smoke all over the sky. He bent down and covered his right chest with his right hand. He staggered towards the end step by step, and Han at his feet had been lying on the ground. A hole about the size of two fists appeared in the chest of the whole abdomen! But strangely, Han didn’t have much blood flowing out of his body.