"Girl, you wait here for me to buy some porridge for you to eat." Feng Jerry Liau cherished and put Xia Yibing’s face straight into the corridor.
Deah Grandma Becomes a Vegetable Xia Yibing fainted.
Xia Yibing closed her eyes and leaned against the wall without saying anything, but she would never fall down before grandma came.
Before Xia Yixi leaned her sister against her shoulder, everything was her sister’s shoulder, so let her lean on it now.
About an hour later, the lights in the operating room went out and all the doctors came out of the operating room.
Xia Yibing’s ear is very good, and so is Xia Yibing. As soon as he heard the doctor’s footsteps, the horse opened its eyes and immediately got up. Xia Yibing and the rain also got up and helped Xia Yibing to the doctor.
Huangfuyanhao and Ouyang Ze also went to the doctor.
"Doctor, how is my grandmother?" Xia Yi ice force asked.
Looking at Xia Yibing so fragile, Ouyang Ze really loves her very much.
"Old lady, she …" The doctor pushed his glasses and paused without saying anything.
"My grandmother? Doctor, you are quick to say. "Xia Yi Bingli yelled at the doctor.
Xia Yixian really wants to beat the doctor up. Besides, now they are all nervous, and the doctor is still slow to talk.
"Okay, okay, don’t be angry first. Then I told the old lady that her … life was saved, but the old lady became a vegetable. If it wasn’t for the old lady’s hard support, I’m afraid she wouldn’t even be a vegetable." The doctor breathed a sigh of relief.
"What are you, a doctor who has drawn blood and now you say grandma has become a vegetable?" Xia Yibing was so angry that he dragged the doctor’s collar angle directly and said angrily
Her sister drew so much blood, but now she can turn grandma into a vegetable.
"What? Vegetable? Grandma, she … "Xia Yibing stepped back two steps. Her temper is not as dry as Xia Yixi’s. After hearing that grandma has become a vegetable, that means grandma can’t walk, talk or hurt her?
"We really tried our best. If it weren’t for the old lady’s strong belief, the old lady would have …"
"Maybe this strong belief can wake the old lady up, but we must also find out what this strong belief is?" The doctor has the heart to say that at present, we can also find out the belief that makes grandma strong to wake her up.
"What do you do as a doctor? What is your belief that even grandma needs to be strong? You don’t even know? What are you doing as a doctor? I have to tear down this hospital today. "Xia Yixi was very angry at this time.
"Strong belief …" Xia Yibing said and fainted.
"Big miss … big miss … wake up," said the rain calling Xia Yibing.
Xia Yixi put the doctor down and cried, "Sister … Sister …"
"playing ice, playing ice"
Everyone is nervous, calling Xia Yibing "let go". Ouyang Ze cried, and after they let go, they picked up Xia Yibing and walked to the other ward.
"Rain, you take care of your sister," cried Xia Yi Sunseeker.
The raindrop nodded and followed Ouyang Ze away.
"You …" Xia Yi sunseeker pointed to the doctor’s eyes and stared at the doctor with deep murder.
"Don’t be angry. Let’s go and see grandma first." Huangfuyanhao comforted.
Xia Yixian nodded Huangfuyanhao and told him that the doctor assigned his grandmother to the vip ward.
Say hello and then come to the vip ward with HuangFuYanHao two.
There is a strong smell of medicine in the ward, a sofa, a gorgeous balcony and a separate toilet.
Deah1: Her heart hurts, and his heart hurts even more.
Xia Yixian walked in and watched grandma’s head wrapped up, leaving her eyes and nose and mouth. Her breathing was still itchy.
Xia Yixi walked over and sat by the bed, holding grandma’s hand in tears and crying, "Is grandma’s wound very painful?"
Huangfuyanhao’s heart hurts when he looks at Xia Yixi, but he can’t do anything but watch quietly.
"Grandma, will you wake up? Will you stop sleeping? Grandma … "Cried Xia Yibing heartache tears or yum yum!
Her heart aches and her heart aches.
Xia Yixi has been crying, holding her grandmother’s hand and talking to her. How much does she say? Grandma just didn’t wake up.
Crying tired, she unconsciously fell asleep. Huangfuyanhao carefully picked up Xia Yixi, put it on the sofa, took off her clothes, and carefully helped her cover it. How gentle and careful she was for fear of waking her up.
Squatting down and watching her fall asleep, her face was still covered with tears, which showed that her eyes were swollen from crying.
"You are so sad and I am so heartbroken, but I can’t give you anything. I can accompany you quietly and cry when you are sad." Huangfuyanhao touched Xia Yixi’s face gently and carefully, which is very novel.
Squatting down, he kept looking at Xia Yixi’s face. His eyes were fascinated and affectionate, but he also looked very distressed. He suddenly wanted to give her happiness and didn’t want to see her cry.
Suddenly he she kissed her deeply.
In the other ward …
Ouyang Ze and Yu waited in the ward for a long time and didn’t see Xia Yibing wake up. Ouyang Ze walked out of the ward in a sulk and made a message to the doctor just now.
I asked Xia Yibing about the blood draw, only to know that I smoked 1 blood in Xia Yibing’s body and cursed the doctor for letting Xia Yibing smoke so much blood.
No wonder she is so fragile at this time. I haven’t seen her wake up for a long time
It would be a big mistake to blame him for not following the past.
Ouyang Ze was very distressed. She looked at her, but she couldn’t protect her before him. She was so weak that she was put in a hospital bed.