"Miss huan, don’t you want this waste to intercede? Do you think it is necessary for me to keep such rubbish? "Yan Shaogu asked.
"Master, I think we should give him a chance to prove that he is not a waste." Huan bent down and saluted Yan Shaogu and said.
"Go on."
Yan Shaogu said with a smile that he thought what tricks the Japanese ninja really wanted to play.
"Why don’t you let this gentleman fight with me? If he can block my three moves, please ask the master to let him live," Huan said with her beautiful voice.
"It’s been a long time since I heard about Ninja. It’s worse than today. I miss Huan’s amazing means." Yan Shaogu suddenly laughed.
"I won’t let my host down," Huan replied with a smile.
"Pay the pot-bellied" What about you? Are you willing to die now or are you willing to have three strokes with Miss Huan? "Yan Shaogu said on his knees," Pay the pot-bellied ".Chapter 58 Killing blood.
Chapter 58 Killing blood
"I am willing to fight with Miss Huan []"
Hearing Yan Shaogu and Huan say "pay heavily", the horse got up and said that he was going to be executed by Yan Shaogu, but he must give it a try if he has a chance to live.
Fu Dadu knew that Huan and Yang were two ninjas given to Yan Shaogu by Yamatakeda, the head of the Japanese Yamaguchi group in China. He knew that he was no match for these two delicate and charming Japanese women, but he didn’t really believe him when the other three moves were about to defeat him. Somehow, he was a teenager in the Jianghu, and it was a bit of a life-saving effort.
"In this case, you can deal with Miss Huan. If you don’t lose three strokes, I will spare your life according to what Miss Huan said."
Yan Shaogu said that he also wanted to see the Japanese ninja kung fu. He thought that these two days and his Wushan this day were really bad.
"Thank you, little Wang. Thank you, Miss Huan."
Fu Dadu got a chance to survive, even thanked Yan Shaogu and Huan, and then went to Huan, a female ninja.
"You do it first, or you won’t have a chance."
Huan coldly said, "Pay the pot-bellied" at this time, her body momentum suddenly changed and "Pay the pot-bellied" felt a chill.
"Miss Huan, that’s offensive."
"Pay a big belly" drank a lot, and then he rushed to Huan with a big belly to prepare a hug and fight with her.
As the saying goes, although he is a life-and-death man, he is still not confused when he is in the Jianghu. He knows that his own fat belly is not very flexible, so he wants to fight with Huan. He is a man, and he thinks that his strength is greater than that of this woman. He can definitely carry three moves by virtue of his physical advantages and strength advantages.
When’ Fu Da Du’ rushed to Huan, Huan’s side easily evaded the impact of’ Fu Da Du’
"This bitch really dare not confront me head-on." "Paying a big belly" thought happily, "The strategy of coming to me is correct."
But at this moment, Fu’s face changed, because Huan flicker to avoid his impact, and at the same time he reached out his long hair and took out a very small and sharp metal object and tied it to his neck.
Happy hand spikes bring up a cold mountain! It’s scary!
Pay a big belly’ in the mind a surprised, he didn’t think of this delicate day, a woman will kill him with one hand.
Fu Dadu tried to dodge, but Huan was very fast. His body had not moved yet, and the spike of Huan’s hand had pierced his throat and cut his throat.
"Come on, you’re really the master who said that was a complete waste. You deserve to die."
She said coldly, and then a piece of white cloth appeared in her hand. She wiped the blood of metal spikes with white cloth, and then inserted them into her hair.
After Huan finished all this, his neck was bleeding. He wanted to talk, but a lot of blood came out and blocked his throat. He sobbed but couldn’t say a word.
After about twenty seconds, he fell to the ground, and he was killed by Huan. Was his eyes still open when he died, as if he had too much resentment in his heart?
"Ninja is really worthy of its name! I’m an eye-opener today. I have you two to help me worry about big things! "
To huan to kill’ pay bold’ Yan Shaoqiu applauded.
"Master, why don’t I dive into Zhouyi’s house tonight and kill him so that he can guard against big sleep?"
Huan said, "Night is the best time for us hermits to act."
"Miss Huan, Miss Yang, you are a beautiful girl that Shan Jun gave me, and I love it. I’m not willing to send you out to perform it."
Yan Shaogu laughed when he heard that Huan Zhong had previously said that he was going to assassinate Zhouyi. "We men will do these killing things well. This abrasive waste has been cleaned up, so let’s continue to have fun now."
"Master, we Japanese pay attention to retribution. If we eat a lost horse today, we will retaliate and let our opponents pay back ten times." Huan insisted, "Master won’t let me assassinate that Zhouyi person. Do you think I’m not Zhouyi’s opponent and I’m afraid I’ll die in Zhouyi’s hands?"
"Miss Huan, I have just seen that Zhouyi is just a teenager, and he is definitely not your opponent."