"ah? Give … give you a try? " Hear ye Han Yan Yan Xin immediately asked one leng busy
Ye Han smell speech first looked at Yan Xin with a face of doubt. Does this girl really don’t know how to try? Looks like it’s time to teach her. Well, why don’t you … today!
Thinking about Ye Han is no longer cold and cheerless, so she pulled her hand and put it in her lower abdomen to signal her to play first and then walked to the front of Yan Xin.
"Come on, I’ll teach you …"
Inflammation hin front Ye Han so hesitated for a moment and then pointed to blunt inflammation hin guidelines.
"ah? What do you want to squat? " Inflammation hin smell speech suddenly one leng consciousness asked 1, then seems to think of what face transient more red, but didn’t dare to disobey Ye Han meaning hurriedly jumped from the stone table to squat down in front of Ye Han.
Ye Han said that he nodded his head and no longer said anything. His eyes turned to one side and he was cold and cheerless. He saw that she was holding her chest with one hand and gently twitching her legs with the other. At the same time, her mouth was constantly groaning …
"Hey hey, it seems that this injury is worth it. Although it has been a wave for a month, it is also a kind of fun to spend time with everyone. Although you can’t finish enjoying yourself, you can also teach everyone some skills …"
Feeling Yan Xin’s kung fu of puffing cigarettes, Ye Han kept thinking about the achievements of today’s day in his mind, and they all really separated from themselves for too long. Not only Leng Ling and Ye Rou thought about the method, but even others seemed particularly mature, and there were various ways to comfort themselves.
Although some of them are lonely and have never had the means of self-comfort, they must have endured hardships. Now, after this day’s change, they can certainly learn some wonderful methods, and they can entertain themselves even if they can’t help themselves, right?
Think about the future, life and death are even more unpredictable. Ye Han couldn’t help but prepare for the worst. What should I do if something really happens to her in this big robbery?
Now let them know that some measures to solve loneliness are not their own will, but there is nothing they can do. He seems that if he really dies, his daughters will definitely not live in the world, but he still feels that he must let them live, which means they are determined to go with themselves. Then he must not promise that there was a tragedy a hundred years ago, and he must never let it happen again.
Therefore, he had made a decision earlier. If he was bound to die, he must make every effort to persuade his women to live. Maybe he is immortal, so that he can return to this world and stay with them for the rest of his life. If they are also dead, they must not be resurrected. If it is nine planets reincarnation, they can return to the world after a hundred years, but if they choose to commit suicide instead of nine planets reincarnation, the situation is different. Without the power of nine planets reincarnation array, they cannot be reborn again in a hundred years.
Maybe finding nine planets Lingyu when you are immortal can help them restore their lives, but it is bound to go through a lot of hard work to make them really resurrect. After all, now Yuer is an example, and even if she is resurrected with the help of nine planets Lingyu, it is just a shell. Ye Han, if it weren’t for the shell, it was them. He didn’t want to let his daughters become that soulless.
Naturally, if nine planets Lingyu can really get it back, he can also bring the daughters back to life. Even if there is no soul, he will definitely not give up, because he feels that he will get her soul back this time, and then he will definitely impose this method on the daughters in the future to let them recover. Although it will be very hard, he will not give up. After all, this is also an opportunity.
But if there is a chance to keep them alive, why does he have to go through those hard roads?
On the whole, he said that if you can’t let the girls die, you need to be alive and reborn, but if they die, you will be in big trouble. He is not afraid of trouble, but he doesn’t want to make an original simple thing so complicated. After all, it is not a simple thing to resurrect the girls.
But he also thinks that it is good to think about these things now. After all, no one can say what will happen in the future. Maybe things will be solved perfectly in the end, and everyone will not die.
Well, we must work hard to defeat the Sun, Moon and Yuan demons and try not to let ourselves be threatened by death. If we can survive the catastrophe without death, it will be a good life to meet ourselves then.
Whether it’s a blessing or a curse depends on his own efforts. He is confident and tries his best to master everything by himself. Even if everything really turns into a curse, he should be able to regret it, and all this depends on the final development!
Ye Han shook his head and simply stopped thinking about those headaches. Man proposes, God disposes, and you have to work hard yourself, but success or failure depends on God’s will.
Now he knows that it’s time for him to obey God’s will and satisfy the two women around him, so he dare not neglect to reach out and hold Yan Xin’s head, and his hands are suddenly pressed [871] [sudden change]
"Ahem … ahem … ahem …"
Being pushed by Ye Han’s hands, Yan Xin immediately felt a pressure in her throat to spit out what was in her mouth and keep coughing. At the same time, she suddenly took a white look at Ye Han to show her dissatisfaction!
Looking at his face flushed but obviously not blushing, Ye Han couldn’t help but burst into a wry smile. This girl’s mouth skills were very good, but I didn’t expect that this aspect was so perfect, but she lacked some proficiency.
"Cold brother, what are you doing? Want to choke me to death? " See Ye Han face unexpectedly some smile phlogistic hin immediately a grievance that he was excited out of intention, but now it seems that he is purely intentional.
Think about yourself just now, and you will regret that you have nothing to do before. Why do you ask Ye Han that question? Isn’t this purely looking for trouble? How much you have suffered now is self-inflicted!
"Er … I didn’t mean to!" Ye Han smell speech immediately felt a little indefensible. I really didn’t mean to think about things on purpose. I was so fascinated that I was too excited at the end. The index would suddenly reach out and embrace inflammation …
"Hum, I’ll never talk to you again, bullying people like this and saying it wasn’t intentional!" Ye Han didn’t mean it, but Yan Xin didn’t think so. If it weren’t for it, wouldn’t your hand be involuntary?
If Ye Han knows Yan Xin’s thoughts in his heart, he can’t help but hug her. Is this girl a worm in her stomach? How do you know that your hands are involuntary?
After listening to Yan Xin’s angry words and Ye Han’s bitter words, it seems very reasonable to see that now you can make a mistake because of a mistake … Ahem, a mistake has made an everlasting regret!
"Well, I know I’m wrong, or you can punish me like that!" Ye Hannai is good at admitting defeat. He doesn’t want to really make Yan Xin angry. Perhaps anger is small. He is most worried about leaving audio and video for Yan Xin’s young mind. If that’s the case, then after himself.
But … But I can’t feel the taste of her little mouth …