"You, you, your mother forced me, don’t force me, and the gang was destroyed together!" Then he turned away.
The entrance of the courtyard saw the falling hammer leaning against the wall.
"Min, I’ve come to pick you up. You’ve kept me waiting for a long time." The evil spirit smiled and took Mandy’s hand, looked at it and left.
No matter what he does, Mandy won’t change what she wants to do, even if she is advised to be cold and evil!
In the afternoon, they skipped class.
[Fallen Palace Headquarters]
"See the Lord of the Palace, Deputy Lord of the Palace" blacked out a group of people kneeling on one knee and putting their right hands on their shoulders.
"Falling wind, falling flowers, falling water, falling moon, losing soul and breaking spirit, you six will come with me tonight," Su Xiaomin said coldly.
"Min, do you want Attachment to go with you?" Yuan Xuan asked
"Well, I have been very lenient with eleven people." Mandy pulled out a bitter smile at the corner of her mouth.
"Min, do you want them dead today?" Static snow asked
"Maybe, if they don’t force me, I won’t let them die. At most, let them be disabled. What won’t endanger their lives? But if …" Mandy revealed a cruel smile. "If they force me, I don’t mind letting them try the top ten tortures or let them taste the drinks developed by Yuan Xuan and attachment or send them to the island."
"Mandy you ah" Luca brasi as plaintive way.
"Jing Xue, you send a message to Mo Mo and tell her to wait for me at the gate of the headquarters at 10: 00 midnight."
Soon arrived at the gate of the headquarters at 95 pm.
"Sister DOG, will they scare us? Are we afraid to come now?" Suqin Cui quipped.
"It’s possible. Oh, haha."
"Ah, who said that the temple Lord wouldn’t come?" Su Xiaomin’s gloomy voice entered the ears of cold evil, Lan Bing night, Ouyang Dongjie and Mo Mo and others.
"Attachment to you … turned out to be one of them," said Dong-jie Ouyang, staring at the arrival of attachment to Ouyang.
"It turns out that your reaction is so slow." Ouyang Yi said that even though the chances of winning are much greater than losing, the aura must not lose.
"Luca brasi as you … you have eleven people. How can you beat them …" Lan Bing night worried and looked at Luca brasi and said.
"Oh, that’s like 11 people to deal with you." Yuan Xuan looked at them coldly and said, "Xiaomin is enough for you."
"Ha ha is it? Su Xiaomin, it’s either you or me today. Do you know how many people I brought with me today? Twenty thousand people! Can eleven of you rival my elite? "
"Stranger Wang Leng Wang, you really think highly of us. Can twenty thousand people be everyone in your gang? Hehe, wouldn’t the "Fallen Palace" have disappeared a long time ago if the Lord had one enemy and a thousand enemies? " Su Xiaomin said proudly as if she were the master queen.
"Hehe, really? Then we don’t have to be merciful."
At the moment, the scent of blood was all over the street, and the foam was stunned to see that there were 20,000 people in the war in our department. In the end, there were only 2,000 people. Of course, there was no undercover inside.
"Ha ha fall big palace Lord didn’t expect! I can’t believe you sent so many people to help me! Do you think too highly of me and we helped? "Momo said.
"Mo Mo wants you to disband [from Mo Gang], then we can keep your lives." Attachment said.
"attachment! That’s their business. Why are you involved? " Dong-jie ouyang said aside
"Their business is my business. Shut up!" Attachment theory
"Hum dissolved? Dream! " Su Qin said when he was ignorant, and then picked up a dagger to bypass Su Xiaomin’s back in an attempt to stab him. At that time, Qian Jingxue blocked Mandy’s front, and then … Qian Zisui pushed Jingxue to block Su Qin’s knife.
Static snow shocked Mandy at that time and shocked a group of people … shocked.
Actually, if they don’t stop the dagger, Mandy can also hide in the past. There is a saying that "the heart is chaotic" is true, but it can be avoided.
"Su Qin, I will make you … pay the price!" Jing Xue said coldly that the murderous look was exposed. "No one can hurt the person I want to protect! No! "
"Seed ear, why are you so stupid?" Qian Jing snow sad to Qian seed ear said
"Because … because you are my sister, you have always been." Qian Zisui said intermittently.
"Sister? Ha ha, I don’t deserve you and me. "
"all right! Now is not the time for you to be sensational. I poisoned the dagger and sent it to the hospital quickly! " Suqin Cui roared