Devoted to culvert sound has been called, but Xia Yibing didn’t hear a word and still fainted.
Mo Han picked up Xia Yibing and left quickly.
Got her three good sisters to help.
She, her three good sisters were both moved and moved to know that Mohan was not dead.
Is there an antidote to Deah318?
Thanks, Xia Yibing Mohan will be fine.
Now that Xia Yibing is in trouble, they will save Mo Han without saying anything else. For this matter, several of them have decided to help.
Their great kindness is remembered in my heart.
Four people joined hands to take out the knife of Xia Yibing’s heart, help her to dress it up first, and then feed her the soft warp and loose the contract.
Remove the soft channels, disperse the toxin, get through the four channels and five veins, and then force out the toxin.
"Poof …" Breath black blood from Xia Yibing mouth spit it out.
Inclined to hold her when she went to Mo Han.
Then slowly put Xia Yibing away.
The three of them winked at her and said, "Let’s go out together."
"Don’t let Master Ying Ting of Lijia know that I am still alive?" Mo Han said to the three of them
"Don’t worry, we won’t let Wang know." Three people must nod and never betray this sister.
"Thank you for your kindness." Holding the three sisters, I continued to ask, "By the way, how did you check that? Is there a result? "
"Do we have to say thank you even for the four of us?" Noel sounded a little angry, and she became so polite after only a few months.
They have been together for several years, and Mohan has always taken care of them as her sister. Now she is in trouble, it is also appropriate to help.
"Well, it’s my fault."
"Well, that’s right." Nuo listened to Mo Han and said this with a smile.
"Er, the results have been obtained. The second gang leader said that this big gang leader’s pharmacy is called medicine with a soft spot, which contains all kinds of herbs and a kind of human flesh, which is made by the gang leader’s own flesh. Whoever eats it has a soft spot for the gang leader will forget those girls who have loved and liked it."
Three people, one sentence at a time and one sentence at a time, explain this kind of love.
Mo Han understands that this medicine contains human flesh ingredients, and whoever wants to eat it has a soft spot for that person.
Master, this move is really cruel. You can do anything you want.
The most poisonous woman’s heart is really true. Three women like Mu Lijia, Si Yingting and Xie Yina are so cruel and want what they want so much.
"Is there an antidote?" Mo Han asked gently
Looking at the second palace, she was also very distressed. A pair of lovers let Mu Lijia break up like this.
Now it seems that it was right not to ask for separation.
They are so cruel and vicious.