Ten million spar per person, so many people have to pay billions of spar! Although they can afford the money, how dare they make such a compensation contract?
See phlogistic family still hesitate Lin Yu flipped through the wrist again to let your gun phlogistic Hector gouge out the back of the young master immediately gave out a miserable cry in pain.
"Sign it immediately!" I don’t care how much I want him to live, and he is willing to pay for more spar.
Soon a scroll contract was drawn up and Yan Hegai put a handprint on it.
It’s a wise move for students in colleges to secretly admire Palin Yu.
They tried to kill these people out of anger, but if they killed this Yanhe, not only Lin Yu would be in trouble, but also their own family would be implicated.
In the sight of this contract form, Yan Hejun is forced not to pursue the method. The Yan family is not the kind of shameless person who dares to deny the contract, and the Yan family will not face paying them.
What will the Yan family do behind the scenes? Then there is nothing anyone can do about it, and they can’t care so much.
In addition to the advantage of not being in trouble, those students who die can still get 10 million spar compensation, which is a big compensation for their family
Although life is measured by spar, this solution is the best solution in this situation.
"Now hand over all your valuable things. It’s not enough for you to send them to the Lins in a month. I’ll return the contract to you." Lin Yu put away the contract and said to more than 100 people in Yan’s house.
Those people in Yan’s family still keep their guns in Lin Yu’s gun. If they dare not give an estimate, Master Hector will have to suffer.
These are not the kui is phlogistic elite brother worth a lot.
In addition to the fact that each person’s fifth-order weapon armor is worth millions, each of them carries hundreds of thousands of spar and various demon nuclear symbols paper and so on.
Inflammation Hector will also take out all his possessions. On average, everyone has collected five million spar property, which is more than five hundred million spar, which is a third of the total.
Lin Yu nodded his head to let him stuff these armor and spar away this just put your gun out of inflammation Hector body.
As soon as your gun was away from Yan Hector’s body, blood suddenly gushed out and he was crying in pain.
Those inflammatory family members hurriedly rushed to deal with the wound of inflammation Hector.
Cangyu college people don’t pity phlogistic Hector was killed, this small is particularly well.
"Well, leave this flying boat as tens of millions of SPAR, and one billion SPAR will be sent to my Lins for a month." Lin Yu said to the inflammatory family, "Now you can roll. 151 Cang Lingying.
A large group of people came to Lin Yu and got into trouble. At the end of the day, all the people were ransacked by each other and owed each other a debt. Yan He felt that he was humiliated.
That’s not to mention the fact that the other party even took away the flying boat that his father bought from Luo’s house. This is tantamount to saying that Yan Hejun was stripped naked and didn’t even have any pants left. This is even worse than killing Yan Hejun.
The competition among the grandfathers and grandsons of the inflammatory family is fierce, and whoever has better children may be the master.
Yan Hector’s father was unlucky. Big son Yan Sanshao was killed by Lin Zi, and now the second son has been robbed by Lin Yu. It must be hopeless for him to want to be the master.
But now Yan Hector thinks it’s not these. He thinks it’s his own face
If he goes home now, where will he put his face?
Previously, Lin Yu held his hand and asked him to sign the contract. He had to sign it now. Lin Yu let him go and he was so close to himself. If he wanted to kill him and get the contract back, he could wash away his shame!
As soon as I read this inflammation, Hector immediately took out his inflammation killer from the object-the blood shuttle was aimed at Lin Yu and was about to throw it.
There was a flash of silver light in front of phlogistic Hector. Before he could throw the blood shuttle in his hand, he was immediately resisted by Lin Yu’s magic grain gun and let him throw it in other ways!
Scene suddenly changed like this, even the inflammatory family didn’t react, but Lin Zi waved a knife again and slammed his arm toward Inflammation Hector to knock off the blood-red shuttle-shaped treasure in the hands of Inflammation Hector.
Lin Yu quickly grabbed the blood shuttle into his hand and everyone finally reacted.
Inflammation home that more than one hundred people is almost has released vitality attack to Lin Yu and Lin Zi two brothers.
Cang Yu college students also reacted at the same time, and all directions were flooded with vitality to the more than 100 people in Yan’s family