"Yes, letting her die like this really can’t calm the anger in the emperor’s heart. It’s better to confront her when the time comes!"
Warm wind also wants to see how angry the Japanese emperor will be, and whether he will never trust women again …
The sword of the Emperor of Japan has never gone into half a minute. If you think about it carefully, they say it is quite reasonable, but if you confront him on the spot, his face will be shaken. Chapter 17 They have waited too long.
"Don’t worry about it. You are the Emperor of Japan and we will keep it a secret."
They dare not talk too much and are not prepared to make this matter worse. If they can punish that person, they will be satisfied!
"Crash" sword was severely thrown to the Japanese imperial gate and went out. It was like fleeing in a hurry …
"Ha, ha, ha, Sandy, did you see that his expression just now was really funny?"
The wind is warm and finally unbearable. I want to laugh at his expression just now, which is like eating a fly. Hahaha.
The Nangong Sandy looked at his leaving figure and had a faint worry, so he regarded dignity as more important than everything. The Japanese emperor didn’t know how to punish Su Xue.
"Sister Feng Wen, how do you know?"
The nangongshan Sandy looked at her suspiciously and instantly felt that she had just insisted on coming …
It’s polite to want to come here just now. Well, although I want to see the Japanese emperor in a mess, she didn’t know anything about this woman in advance …
"I just think that the Japanese Emperor here must be very humbled to see it, and I didn’t expect to see such a wonderful picture."
Just depressed and swept away, I am very excited to see such a wonderful picture!
The nangongshan Sandy glanced at the bed Su Xue that churning feeling coming again …
"Oh …"
The nangongshan Sandy now really regrets eating so much today … Now he threw up in the dark …
"Sandy, are you okay? Why are you reacting so much?"
Warm wind to help her along the back eyes have concerns
The nangongshan Sandy weakly holding a leg shook with the other hand, "I’m fine just to see some nausea …"
The wind is warm and looks back. Yeah, it’s really disgusting …
Later, Sandy of Nangong thanked for this day. Because of this day, they will welcome a life …
Queen’s bedroom
As soon as I entered the room, I could smell the rich flavor of traditional Chinese medicine, and the doctor frowned slightly. These roots of traditional Chinese medicine are just palliative and there is nothing at all. I don’t know how they can persist in drinking for so many years!
"Can the imperial doctor still have this flame flower?"
The nangongshan looked at imperial doctor uneasy after he studied for a while, he could not help but ask.
The imperial doctor nodded, although the drug effect was not so sufficient, but with these left over, her cold syndrome could be alleviated.
Nangong Che got a response. His eyes were excited. He held Redjade’s hand tightly and said, "On her, you insisted on being an imperial doctor and said that this flaming flower and your cold will soon be cured."
On this day, they have waited for too long and will lose confidence …
"Don’t be happy so early. Her body cold is water, fire and flowers, and fire and water are incompatible to drive away cold. The process must be extremely painful. I hope the empress can bear it!"
Getting the flame flower is the first step of treatment, which is quite difficult. It is conceivable that the later treatment …
"I can"
Redjade’s face changed slightly, her mouth was raised, her trembling hands were clenched, and her eyes met each other. Are you sure?
"Well, since you are so determined, please go out. I don’t want to be disturbed during my treatment!"
This time, the imperial doctor has been able to calm his mind and not be obstructed by the outside world. The most important thing is that the process of expelling the cold is quite painful. If the Nangong is thorough, he will feel unbearable. If he interrupts his thoughts halfway, both of them will vomit blood and die!
"I can’t watch it?"
After I said that I would not let her bear these ups and downs alone, even if she recovered, she should look at it herself.